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Amtrak Acela trainThe GBS Group is a lead system integrator, designing and delivering world class technology to Passenger Rail operators across North America and Canada. We specialize in:

Mobile Wi-Fi systems for trains — cellular, dedicated trackside RF, independent or aggregated, with 24/7/365 Help Desk and Field support.

Health Monitoring Software for rolling stock, stations, towers — 24/7 system information at your desktop or smartphone. Ask for a demo of our customizable, subscription based MEAP software for rolling stock. This robust solution allows for endless analysis of fault, event, duration, or any data your need to view. Rule engines are easy to customize so you get the information you need from endless data the system can digest.

Train Position and Passenger Information Software — we design custom solutions for operators — enterprise or stand-alone, either in your network or hosted securely on the cloud. Our core TSI+ and CIS solutions BENEFIT your people working in the NOC, Transportation, Engineering, Marketing, Rolling Stock, or any department needing access. Our GPS-based systems allow managers to see in real-time train position, speed, health, schedule information – virtually any information you wish to see – all within an integrated “desktop” portal that allows for instant knowledge and control. These systems are offered via capital purchase or by subscription — let us help you understand the options so you get what you need at the most affordable pricing.

GBS Passenger Rail Engineering services and experiences are broad – please contact us for details or continue reading!

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