Software Development

GBS Software DevelopmentGBS has a diversified group of programmers and software engineers who work closely with customers and end-users to develop software applications and services that are easy to use and functional in their application. We use various models to support a software development life cycle that incorporates a structured analysis and design process and is repeatable to ensure a quality product is produced. GBS has successfully completed projects using Waterfall, Spiral, and Agile development for our customers.

Our emphasis on proper analysis and design leads to more reliable system development and better work flow. This produces systems that are coded, built, and tested by experienced professionals. The process is managed each step of the way to ensure an efficient product development life-cycle which includes:

  • Project Management
  • Analysis Phase & Requirements Definition
  • Prototyping & System Design
  • System Engineering & Development
  • Testing
  • Product Release & Installation
  • Systems Integration
  • Operations & Maintenance

This diversified software development group provides support in all aspects of software engineering, from the well-known to the less familiar. We support various database platforms, including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and MangoDB. We also support various languages like Microsoft .Net family, PHP, Perl, Python, Lua and many more.

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