MEAP™ – Customized Rolling Stock & Engineering Monitoring

MEAP train locator screen imageThe GBS Group developed and delivered our Maintenance Events & Analysis Program (MEAP) in 2008 along Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor. The solution evolved to support all electric fleet locomotives and consists. MEAP was the first, remote health monitoring system deployed at Amtrak, and later to Maryland Transit. We have since customized MEAP and continue to evolve the system to meet the evolving demands of Chief Mechanical Officers and Chief Engineers.

GBS Engineering and Software teams have deep experience performing Rolling Stock engineering – from fault diagnostics, maintenance program development, troubleshooting, process engineering, and operational support. We also hold contracts to develop rationalization and optimization solutions to integrate numerous Trackside sensor applications into common databases and user-friendly dashboards and web based portals.

MEAP provides a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for remote, GPS-based tracking of consist faults, alarms, events, or any discrete information. We engineer interfaces to your vital systems and customize data transfer to our robust database designs. Users interface with their information using simple, URL-based portals and search tools. MEAP includes a built in rule engine, capability for trending analysis, GPS-overlays, custom texts, emails, and much more.

GBS provides the entire solution — from system interface; network communications; cellular data transfer; database and portal development.

Benefits of MEAP™

  • Increases reliability through early fault detection and reporting.
  • Automates the tedious task of “downloading” events from critical processors AFTER revenue service — when it is often too late.
  • Automates the upload of logged events from the onboard system to the MEAP™ Web Portal for users to view and query faults for monitoring and analysis.
  • Provides near real-time (within 60 seconds) train position, speed, direction and time stamped via satellite vectors.
  • Allows for continual development and update of evolving technical knowledge that is used for training mechanical and engineering personnel.

Subscriptions or purchase of  MEAP™

MEAP consists of several key components:

  1. Onboard, rugged, lightweight computer with custom software and interface cabling.
  2. Cellular-based modem, antenna, and essential cabling. Utilization of your existing Wi-Fi or cellular systems onboard can save costs, potentially.
  3.  Cloud based, secure data hosting solution that can be deployed inside your firewall or hosted externally.
  4. Training and administrative permissions to customize data, reports, and tools.
  5. Customers may purchase all key hardware and software, along with a license, or buy a subscription to “lease” equipment, or any combination that makes good business sense to each party. Contact The GBS Group for details or a demo.


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