Checklists & Quick Reference Guides

Abnormal and emergency situations represent unique challenges in passenger rail operations. En route troubleshooting has built-in constraints:

  • There are many problems – it’s hard to memorize all procedures.
  • There are many references – they don’t consistently cross-reference each other.
  • There are constant updates – it’s difficult to find the correct answer quickly.

The content of the checklists and quick reference guides must be based on facts NOT opinions. And they must be verified and designed with key physical and interface properties to maximize effectiveness.

GBS experts provide added training services by helping companies and equipment operators review existing troubleshooting guides and manuals. GBS then leads a team effort to revamp these materials using human factors engineering for quick response in en route abnormal conditions and emergency situations.

For more information about how GBS can help streamline and improve troubleshooting and quick reference handbooks/guides, email or call us at 757-965-4274.

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