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The GBS Group Delivers New, Integrated Bridge System To Military Sealift Command

The GBS Group completed a prime contract to design and install a modernized, Integrated Bridge System aboard a Military Sealift Command (MSC) vessel. The design includes modernized vessel navigation and communications equipment in newly designed consoles, including the Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) console, Ship Control Console (SCC), and separate Officer of the Deck Console (OOD). […]

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Veteran Spotlight

For this Month’s #VeteranSpotlight we are proud to highlight Thomas Stone, a former Master Chief Electrician in the U.S. Coast Guard and current Field Engineer for The GBS Group.  Tom learned about The GBS Group through LinkedIn and joined our Commercial Maritime Division in November 2016. While in the Coast Guard Tom worked on propulsion […]

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Pete Martinez Celebrates 10 Years at The GBS Group

    Happy 10th Anniversary at The GBS Group, Pete Martinez, VP, Philadelphia Engineering Office! You began supporting GBS over 10 years ago, and have led or helped engineer on countless company projects. You have led projects including NSWC-Philadelphia contract wins, SBX-1 engineering, Amtrak Rolling Stock Reliability Analysis, Navy aircraft carrier software, dozens of maritime […]

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Juan Fernandez Celebrates 10 Years at The GBS Group

Happy 10-year anniversary to Juan Fernandez, VP of IT! From the time you joined, as lead developer for Navy TSIMS, you have built our corporate IT infrastructure, co-designed on projects including MEAP, TSI, CIS, Microsoft NAV, Trackside WiFI, and virtually every internal or customer project requiring hosting, application development, monitoring support, etc. We are so […]

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Case Study – The GBS Group Provides Valuable Insight Into Damaged Propulsion Motor Repair Saving Time and Added Expense

Military Sealift Command and Maersk Line Limited have Predictive Maintenance programs in place to perform electrical testing of large DC propulsion motors. During the testing it was reported the armature and stator had problems and needed to be replaced. The report stated armature banding and Armature coil insulation appeared damaged due to overheating and AC […]

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Real-time Train Information Enhancements Delivered

The GBS Group’s software development team, code-named Ninja Team, recently delivered a key enhancement to the TSI Plus real-time Train Status Information platform developed for VIA Rail Canada. The Alerting feature utilizes the TSI Plus platform, so that VIA Rail can deliver more advanced products and services to its customers, especially regarding train schedules, arrivals, […]

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Systems Integration/Concept Design: MSC Watson Class Waste Management Study

Military Sealift Command (MSC) required an assessment and recommendations to address the following issues: Oily Waste, Solid Waste equipment, systems and procedures inefficient Systems require operator intervention Necessitates use of expensive disposal services The goal of this study was to recommend several sustainable waste management design options that reduce operator intervention and 20-year ship operating […]

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