Rail & Amtrak Safety Systems

GBS Partners with Amtrak Police Department to Make Train Travel Safer

Amtrak Police Department

GBS worked closely with Amtrak and their internal Police Department to make train travel safer. Since 2003, the Amtrak Police Department (APD) has maintained a Watchlist in ARROW, which contains information (e.g. – Names, Phone Numbers, Email Addresses, etc.) associated with persons of interest to APD or other law enforcement agencies. An automated match process runs against Amtrak’s Passenger Name Reservation (PNR) data to identify PNRs associated with individuals who potentially pose a risk to Amtrak Operations and/or the safety of our passengers. The current mechanism used to manage the Watchlist has several limitations including:

  • Suboptimal user interface for managing Watchlist records
  • No access to historical PNRs
  • Limited search functionality
  • Limited ability to sort, filter and output Watchlist request and Match results records
  • Limited ability to configure notifications
  • Lack of mobile access.

GBS will provide a new system to include real time reporting with photos and detailed descriptions of questionable visitors as well as a mobile interface.