Rail & Transportation

We Design Custom Solutions For Operators

Industry-recognized leading system integrator, designing and delivering world-class technology to Passenger Rail operators across North America and Canada.

From mobile WiFi systems and Health Monitoring software to Train Position and Passenger Information solutions, GBS brings modern connectivity, reliability and logistics support to Passenger Rail operations.

We Specialize In

Mobile Wi-Fi

Cellular, dedicated trackside RF, independent or aggregated, with 24/7/365 Help Desk and Field support.

Health Monitoring Software

24/7 system information at your desktop or smartphone. Ask for a demo of our customizable, subscription based MEAP software for rolling stock. This robust solution allows for endless analysis of fault, event, duration, or any data your need to view. Rule engines are easy to customize so you get the information you need from endless data the system can digest.

Train Position and Passenger Information Software

Enterprise or stand-alone, either in your network or hosted securely on the cloud. Our core TSI+ and CISsolutions BENEFIT your people working in the NOC, Transportation, Engineering, Marketing, Rolling Stock, or any department needing access. Our GPS-based systems allow managers to see in real-time train position, speed, health, schedule information – virtually any information you wish to see – all within an integrated “desktop” portal that allows for instant knowledge and control. These systems are offered via capital purchase or by subscription — let us help you understand the options so you get what you need at the most affordable pricing.

Transit & Rail Success
  • First-Ever Passenger Wi-Fi system designed/deployed in Amtrak
  • First integrated trackside/cell solution for passenger Wi-Fi in North America (UTA)
  • First Wi-Fi system in place at VIA rail
  • First-Ever Health Monitoring System for Amtrak – Acela
  • First Health Monitoring system in place at Maryland Transit
  • First RCM Level II Preventive Maintenance System
  • First FRA Approved Age Exploration Project – Air Brake COT&S systems for Acela, P42, F59, HHPs
  • First GPS based Train Information System (TSI+) and Customer Information System (CIS) deployed throughout VIA Rail stations & operations

Our team has achieved impressive results for clients through the disciplined application of proven Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and root cause failure analysis processes and standards. RCA is predicated on the belief that problems are best solved by correcting or eliminating root causes, as opposed to addressing the immediately obvious symptoms only. GBS engineers and analysts provide expert support and training services to assist clients with identifying root causes for troubled systems, machinery, and components that reduce system availability and reliability.

Mario Bergeron Chief Mechanical Officer, Amtrak

MEAP – Equipment Health Monitoring

Maintenance Events Analysis Program – Providing rail/fleet operators real-time data, monitoring and telematics to develop strategic maintenance actions.

TSI+ – Train Status Information

Improving reliability and on-time performance with detailed analysis reporting, reducing major failures and more.

CIS – Customer Information Software

Delivering latest updates to rail customers such as arrivals, departures, and boarding location to enhance customer experience and retention.

APC – Automated Passenger Counting

Advanced system providing accurate passenger count totals by day, shift, or stop without involvement from vehicle operators.

Train Monitoring Systems

Serving as rail Systems Integrator and 24/7 Operational Support System monitoring and reporting.

Passenger WiFi Design & Installation

Serving as transportation Systems Integrator and 24/7 Operational Support System monitoring and reporting.

OSS – Operational Supports System

OSS staffed by trained personnel, categorized into 3 tier levels for wireless communications, equipment health monitoring, vehicle tracking, customer information systems and more.

Reliability & Safety Engineering

Calculating and monitoring system reliability and safety through a set of disciplined processes and standards with our expert team of engineers.

Project Management

Our trained staff of project engineers and managers provide turn-key project management services to all industries we serve.

Software Development

Diversified programmers and software engineers developing software applications and services that are functional in their application.
Rail Projects
  • Amtrak USA – Acela
    First Ever Passenger Wi-Fi system designed / deployed
  • Utah Transit Authority (UTA)
    First integrated trackside/cell solution in North America
  • VIA Rail Canada
    First Wi-Fi system in place
  • Amtrak USA – Acela
    First Health Monitoring System
  • Amtrak
    First RCM Level II Preventive Maintenance System
  • Acela, P42, F59, HHPs
    First FRA Approved Age Exploration Project – Air Brake COT&S systems
  • VIA Rail Canada
    First GPS based Train System Information (TSI) and Customer Information System (CIS) deployed throughout stations and operations. This includes station displays and announcing systems.
  • Amtrak
    Custom software development including APD Watchlist and Wayside Defect Detector
  • Progress Rail (a Caterpillar company)
    Custom software development including PowerView Connect and Talos Connect
  • Sonoma Marin Area Regional Transit (SMART)
    Passenger Wi-Fi installation
  • Motorola/Washington Metro and Transit Authority (WMATA)
    Mobile Radio installation
  • Amtrak Acela Next Generation train system
    Passenger Wi-Fi installation
  • Amtrak and Maryland Transit Authority
    Locomotive Health Monitoring System
  • Maryland Transit Authority and Southern California Regional Rail Authority (Metrolinks)
    General Transit Feed Specification- Real Time (GTFS-RT) feeds
  • Customer Operational & Field Service Support
    Amtrak, Maryland Area Rail Commuter (MARC/Alstom), Utah Transit Authority (UTA), VIA Rail Canada, Caterpillar, Icomera