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TSI+ – Train Status Information

Today, many railroads are encountering major increases in freight traffic resulting from a variety of factors, including the growth of oil shipments by rail. Freight train interference with passenger trains has increased significantly, resulting in reduced on time performance (OTP) on many passenger rail routes. Market research has shown that OTP is a large determining factor in customer satisfaction, and poor OTP reduces revenue and increases costs.

In this current environment, GBS is working with many agencies to improve the elements of OTP. GBS Train Status Information (TSI) application improves reliability and on-time performance by providing detailed analysis reporting and reducing major failures.

Train Status Information (TSI) dashboard is the single UI for Ops Center personnel. Users operate and perform the following key benefits from this single dashboard:

Key Benefits

  • Visual real-time fleet and individual asset tracking.
  • On-time performance (OTP) analysis, delay tracking & reporting.
  • Service status by station.
  • Email, SMS alert notifications by customizable subscriptions.
  • Schedule & consist management.
  • Estimated & actual arrival time capture.
  • Data Analytics: Trip Statistics, waypoint analyses, speed conformance.
On-Time Performance

On-Time Performance (OTP) Fleet Service Status:

  • Originating and Final Destination,
  • Scheduled Departure and Arrival algorithms
  • Estimated and Actual Arrival time capture
  • Visual Representation of Status w.r.t Delay Tolerance
Geo-Fence Manager

Geo-Fence Manager:

Geo-fencing functionality shows train services which are near interchanges, within radius of a station, estimates in time when the train will be entering or leaving the fence and can be used to generate Alerts

Turning Data into Value

Speed Conformance Per Train:

  • Actual speed and deviation from speed limit
  • Drill down to get analytics over trip by waypoint including scheduled arrival/departure at each, acceleration/deceleration time, time stopped at stations
  • Graphing
  • Trip statistics