About GBS

We are a women owned small business (WOSB) that provides engineering consulting and technical services for customers across the US, Canada, and overseas. We are involved in the maritime, rail and transportation, telecommunications, and Department of Defense industries. Simply put — we make expensive assets perform better and last longer through engineering, software, and subject matter expertise.

The people of The GBS Group solve difficult customer problems, acting as prime system integrators, consultants, and trusted partners. From planning and design to installation, troubleshooting, operations, and maintenance, we customize our services to meet your business and project goals. Founded in 2005, GBS has offices strategically located to best serve our customers, including Virginia Beach, Virginia (corporate headquarters), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, San Diego, California, and Washington, DC. We are an employee-owned, award-winning business focused on delivering value for clients. Our company is committed to:

  • Solving customer’s hardest problems, especially where second opinions and unbiased approaches are essential.
  • Providing talented people for customers needing full-time staff to support ongoing projects.
  • Providing specific proposals, at affordable prices, with options designed to give you choices and knowledge you may not be aware of.

We Work On


We design, build and install ship and vessel control, monitoring, and automation systems for navigation, generator, propulsion control.


We design and install passenger-facing WiFi systems, rolling stock digital train line and health monitoring systems; station and platform announcing and display systems — all customized to interface with agency and owner enterprise software systems.


We install remote, monitored sensor based systems to detect anything from low fuel tank levels, battery plant voltage drops, switchgear faults, and virtually anything you can think of to allow reliable, remote monitoring and control for Telecoms, offices, cell or radio towers.