Rail & Transportation Services

MEAP – Equipment Health Monitoring

On-time performance, reduced maintenance times, optimum equipment reliability – these are the challenges for any rail operator and maintainer wishing to remain competitive today. To this end, it’s essential to know the operational status of all onboard components. Therefore we’ve developed the Maintenance Events Analysis Program (MEAP™ ) to provide railroads and fleet operators integrated, near real-time data, equipment health monitoring, and vital telematics from vehicle to the back office to develop strategic preventive maintenance actions.

MEAP™ is a powerful tool that resides on a secure IT infrastructure that GBS will operate for you. We offer an overall solution from data transmission and storage to evaluation and visualization.

Using MEAP™ , rail operators with larger fleets can better evaluate their existing data, visualize data more efficiently, and detect faults faster. Individual adaptability – for example, through customer-specific reports – enables rail operators to tailor and match their requirements perfectly, while they benefit from the experience we have gained from similar customers.

For secure data transfer, the vehicles must be equipped with MEAP™ hardware and software. Through an interface to the vehicle control system, the MEAP™ box can continuously retrieve and transmit operating and diagnostic data to the analysis portal.

Key Benefits

  • Increase rolling stock equipment availability
  • Reduce failures on the track
  • Customization and integration with existing back-office systems
  • On-board diagnostics
  • Alerts, alarms and escalation features
  • Automated Vehicle Location (AVL)
  • Integrated business intelligence
  • Secure data consistency and quality
  • Efficient visualization of complex data points
The fleet manager can monitor the status
of his fleet anytime and anywhere on a mobile device.

Fleet Map:

Main summary view for locating/selecting a specific unit. Provides access to unit information, unit status, unit related fault indicators, and current GPS location.
The fleet overview can also indicate current delays. The timetables and routes necessary for this are provided through the onboard MEAP™ box interface. The operator can then recognize any delay at a glance.

Unit Map:

The unit map overview indicates the position and movement of each train. Different colored train signals indicate the seriousness of the current incidents. If more serious problems occur, this overview will help you in the planning and provisioning of replacement of assets.

Geo-Fence Manager

Geo-Fence Manager:

Geo-fence boundaries can be configured that trigger events when GPS location is ‘Approaching; ‘In Fence’ or’Center’ in relation to fence boundaries.

Priority Events Alerts:

Email alerts provide notification of maintenance events that occur on-board, which have a direct impact (either immediate or imminent) to the operational capability of the locomotive or train sets.

Turning Data into Value

Expert reports – the basis for further analysis and decision making

  • Reports By – Fleet, Unit, Systems, Faults, Date Range and Importance Levels/ Event
  • Logic / In-Service Events Export – To work with the data outside of the MEAP system, the user can export the data to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Save & Load – User-created queries can be saved and recalled by the user
  • Subscription – Reports can be set to be emailed automatically to the user based on configured day/time events