Rail & Transportation Services

Passenger WiFi Design & Installation

The GBS Group is a Systems Integrator for wireless communications, equipment health monitoring, vehicle tracking and on-time performance, customer information systems and IoT technologies with complete solutions for connectivity, displays, announcing systems, hardware, and application deployments. We also offer an Operational Support System to provide 24/7 system monitoring and reporting.

GBS provides:

  • Connected transportation: Experience with Rail, Buses, and fleet vehicles
  • Experienced installation, maintenance, and system monitoring solutions
  • Enhanced security, wireless access, and passenger services
  • Experienced with both cellular and trackside networks
  • Experienced design teams to help select best equipment to meet requirements
  • Equipment certified for rail and transportation operations
  • 24/7 System Monitoring (signal quality, web content, data throughput, etc.)
  • Real-time vehicle location and estimated time of arrival

GBS customer Utah Transit Authority, FrontRunner service
The Only working Cellular and Trackside system in the US