Rail & Transportation Services

Train Monitoring Systems

The GBS Group is a Systems Integrator for wireless communications, equipment health monitoring, vehicle tracking and on-time performance, customer information systems and IoT technologies with complete solutions for connectivity, displays, announcing systems, hardware, and application deployments. We also offer an Operational Support System to provide 24/7 system monitoring and reporting.  

GBS Monitoring Systems

The GBS Train Status Information (TSI) application improves reliability and on-time performance by providing detailed analysis reporting and reducing major failures.  We provide:

  • Visual real-time fleet and individual asset tracking
  • On-time performance (OTP) analysis, delay tracking & reporting
  • Service status by station
  • Email, SMS alert notifications by customizable subscriptions
  • Schedule & consist management
  • Estimated & actual arrival time capture
  • Data Analytics (Trip Statistics, waypoint analyses, speed conformance, and more)

The GBS Customer Information System (CIS) integrated module delivers the latest updates to your customers, including arrival time, station departures, and boarding location.  We provide:

  • Automated/Customized Station Announcements (Live and pre-recorded)
  • Customized Station Display
  • Manage and customize service notifications to your customers