Rail Wi-Fi Installation Support

GBS to upgrade the Amtrak Amfleet Wi-Fi car hardware


Due to all the hard work that our field service engineers have put in over the years in the rail sector, the GBS Group has developed a strong reputation for its outstanding installation work. GBS comes highly recommended by top rail leaders such as Amtrak. Recently, the GBS Rail team has worked up with Icomera to upgrade the Amtrak Amfleet Wi-Fi car hardware. Icomera is known for its industry-leading passenger Wi-Fi system and infotainment. Icomera’s Wi-Fi aggregation box is currently installed on Amtrak’s Acela’s, and Amtrak Amfleet cars across the US. The Amfleet upgrade consisted of installation of the following equipment: Network Switch, Power Supply Unit, new Access Point (AP), two new internal antennas, and Bridge Antenna on all cars. The GBS Group will have two teams supporting the AP upgrades in Philadelphia PA, Bear DE, and Washington DC facilities. The installation work was scheduled to begin on 06 July 2020. 

Brad Thurau, The GBS Group Rail Technician in Washington DC, played a critical role in supporting the existing Icomera Wi-Fi system and securing additional work with Icomera. Since the start of the year, Brad has been handling service requests and replacing equipment across the Amtrak conventional fleet. He has supported the Acela Wi-Fi system upgrades and has assisted in the new Acela 21 Wi-Fi system installation that is currently being tested by Amtrak. We hope to continue to grow our installation teams to support future upgrades for Amtrak and other rail operators.