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Employee Highlight: Christine Bontempi

At GBS, Maritime Engineer Christine Bontempi discovers a place to learn and grow

When Christine Bontempi first decided to join The GBS Group, her plan was simply to develop her expertise as an automation engineer. She never dreamed it would be so rewarding.

A native of Philadelphia, Christine had earned her bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and was working at a chemical plant in Suffolk when a former co-worker told her about GBS.

GBS was a place that could offer her a chance to challenge herself and grow in a new field, the former co-worker said. Christine jumped at the opportunity and hasn’t looked back since.

Now one year into her career as a Maritime Engineer at GBS, Christine has her sights set on extending that knowledge into other electrical applications in the maritime industry.

The most rewarding aspect for me at GBS has been the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from the experienced and supportive maritime team every day,” she says. “I really appreciate the culture at GBS, which encourages mentorship and growth for all employees.

Both of Christine’s parents were electrical engineers, and since she enjoyed math and loved practical problem-solving rather than doing research in a lab, she knew she wanted to be an engineer from an early age.

At GBS, she’s had the exciting opportunity to work on the Human Machine Interface as NOAA upgrades the Machinery Control Systems on its ships Pisces and Shimada. Now, Christine is looking forward to the commissioning phase of the project!

“My former co-worker told me how working at GBS could offer me a greater opportunity to challenge myself and continue growing in a new field, and that’s exactly what has happened here at GBS,” Bontempi says. 

In her spare time, Christine regularly performs in Ballroom and Latin dance competitions, enjoys training and performing Aerial Silks at the local circus gym, and loves to ski. 

Thanks for all the great work Christine!