Juan Fernandez

Chief Information Officer

Juan brings over 20 years of IT technology experience to GBS. As a prolific advocate for technology, Juan brings his direct work experience in software development and practices, operations, maintenance and monitoring, security and networking, and a broad foundation of knowledge to GBS. As a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Juan is always studying as he keeps GBS current with technology as it continues to change. He sets IT Infrastructure policy and provides change guidance to senior management in order to keep GBS on the forefront of technology.

Since starting at GBS in 2007, Juan leads the IT Team for GBS, ensures company IT infrastructure stays ahead of our company needs for both internal use and customer support. Helping to establish policies to support processes and process management, Juan is able to communicate the technical requirements into understandable, actionable and repeatable practices for all.

Prior to GBS, Juan served in the United States Navy, commissioning the USS Donald Cook (DDG-75). Juan continued to expand his IT Experience and communication skills with JFCOM and J6 working with database servers, web servers, programming and security. It was during this journey, Juan grew into the Technology Leader he is today.