Federal Services

Machinery Controls

Leading the way for the Navy in Machinery Control Systems and Technologies

Machinery Control System (MCS) Computer Program Development for LHD/A Amphibious Assault, CG Surface Combatant and Aegis Ashore

  • Testing and Integration Engineering
  • Land Based Engineering Site (LBES)/Test Facility Equipment Integration
  • Integration across other Ship Systems
  • Shipboard Troubleshooting, Test, and Installation
  • Machinery Controls System hardware and software design, modernization and updates
  • Cybersecurity Risk Management Framework
  • Gas Turbine Controls
  • Diesel Controls
  • AEGIS Ashore Systems
  • Ballast Controls
  • Steering & Navigation
  • ECDIS/Voyage Management System
  • Automated Bridge Systems
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Instrumentation and Sensor Systems