Maritime Services

Outyear Engineering Research Assessments / Service Life Extension Planning

GBS engineers will provide the necessary expert analyses of current shipboard systems and match that against current technology to support planning for future system alterations and modernization to ensure ship hulls meet their expected service life or an extended service life period.

GBS will utilize both desktop engineering assessments using information from MSC engineering management systems and conduct onboard ship surveys to document, analyze and investigate the current condition of shipboard systems. Using current system technologies, we will identify essential and beneficial upgrades in order to provide supporting information for the planning and funding for maintenance, alterations, and modernization upgrades necessary to meet or extend the service life of a given hull to meet its projected mission.

GBS will also provide an Energy Conservation Analysis. The idea behind this Energy Conservation Analysis is to form a baseline of the current energy consumption of the vessel.  This includes an engineering analysis from various shipboard documentation and then also physically measuring the energy consumption on the ship.  The end goal of this analysis is to make suggestions to the owner/operator on more energy (or “green” ways) efficient ways of operating their vessels.