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Ship Speed Log Retrofit: GBS replaced an obsolete speed log system with a more modern NG Sperry unit

In early 2020, GBS completed a retrofit of the speed log on a USNS vessel.  The retrofit consisted of replacing the speed log electronics (i.e. Control Display Unit, Pre- Amp and Electronics Unit) of the existing  Speed Log to a newer NG Sperry unit.

With this approach, the transducer did not need to be replaced, which was the preferred option by the customer at the time. After this initial upgrade, the system was commissioned and the ship departed on time for it’s critical mission.   Unfortunately, after several days of being underway, the ship started receiving intermittent speed signals. In response to this setback, GBS was requested to fly to Alaska and troubleshoot the intermittent problems with the existing transducer.  In the challenging times of COVID-19, while America practices social distancing to ‘flatten the curve’ of the pandemic, GBS Engineers continue to support essential Maritime Operations at a moment’s notice.  GBS’s engineer caught a 5-person flight to Anchorage, Alaska to assist the ship with their Speed Log issue. Due to nature/wildlife causing a malfunction, GBS went on to replace the transducer and the speed log is now working properly allowing the ship to return to its mission.