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Software Developer? Systems Engineer? Jack of all Trades?

After 13 years at GBS, you can call Bill Cuffley a real difference maker

Given his long list of skills and accomplishments at GBS, you might call Bill Cuffley a “Jack of All Trades.” 

You wouldn’t be wrong, even if Bill thinks “Systems Engineer” is more fitting. Bill is a Senior Software Developer and SME in our Rail Division, but it’s no secret that he brings a long list of skills to work every day that impacts all areas of the company. 

Computer Systems. Web Enabling Control. Data Acquisition for Condition-Based Maintenance. Test Scripting & Automation. Networking. Software Development. The list goes on. 

These days, Bill is still looking for ways to put all that to even better use, hoping in coming years to migrate his technology project work from pure implementation to Architecture and Design. Down the road, he hopes that will enable him to become involved in more complex projects, and be a better Jack of All … er, “Systems Engineering” guy than ever. 

As his favorite saying goes: “We Cannot Direct the Wind, But We Can Adjust the Sails.” To Bill, it’s a constant reminder to adapt and reach your goals, even when things seem out of your control. 

Raised near the Maine border in a small, French-speaking Canadian village, Bill graduated from the University of Ottawa with an Applied Sciences degree in Computer Engineering. He was working in Virginia Beach when a friend first introduced him to GBS. As it turned out, his skills in software development made him a perfect fit at the time for the firm’s rail division, with his reliability engineering background well-versed in “web enabling” control and data acquisition platforms.

Now at GBS for some 13 years, Bill still appreciates what he discovered when he first arrived at GBS: The chance to be involved in new projects, support the company’s technology efforts and see the impact of his work first-hand.  

“At GBS, I’ve had the opportunity to interact with fellow engineers and customers who are passionate about the projects on which we’ve collaborated, and to know that I’ve made their lives easier through my work is a reward in itself,” he says.

Thanks for all the great work, Bill!