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Contract awarded to GBS for onboard tech assistance

GBS to provide assistance including engineering evaluations, equipment checks, installation, analysis, and more.

The GBS Group was recently awarded a prime contract supporting Mid Atlantic Regional Maintenance Center (MARMC) Codes 282 (Navigation and IC) and 285 (Surface Search Radar Branch).  

On 15 May 2020, MARMC awarded The GBS Group a $14.3M contract over 5 years to support Codes 282 and 285 providing onboard technical assistance including engineering/technical evaluations, equipment functional checks, installation, troubleshooting/test/analysis, operation, maintenance; diagnose connectivity faults, and equipment repair for IC, Navigation and Surface Search Radar systems.  GBS will also be supporting the various Combat Systems assessments tasks including Pre INSURV Assessment (PIA), Combat Systems, Command, Control, Communications and Computer Readiness Assessment (C5RA), Total Ship Readiness Assessment (TSRA), Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), Inspection and Survey (INSURV) programs and Onboard Maintenance Training (OBMT) to Ship’s Force technicians in the operation, repair, maintenance, and logistics support of listed systems.

This is the first prime contract The GBS Group has with MARMC.  We continue to provide engineering support to MARMC Engineering Department 260, as a subcontractor.  

GBS continues to grow our footprint in the navigation, communications and radar related systems for the U.S. Navy, Military Sealift Command, U.S. Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and multiple commercial operating fleets.  We are leveraging our engineering experience across these customers to develop our skills for both HM&E and Combat Systems. We continue to utilize our highly skilled workforce and company resources on all tasking to meet the needs of every fleet we serve.