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Employee Highlight: Meet Ozzie Miranda

With Ozzie Miranda aboard, it’s full steam ahead on the Navy’s Littoral Combat Ships

When you’re a growing engineering firm serving the Navy, you can’t pass up a chance to hire a top communications electronics expert who sailed thousands of nautical miles in uniform.

That’s why we reached out to Osvaldo “Ozzie” Miranda a full eight months before his Navy retirement.

“Would you consider joining our team to support the Navy’s Littoral Combat Ships?” we asked.

He knew these ships inside out, and over his 25-year Navy career, had developed a solid reputation for expertise in interior and exterior communications, RADAR systems, networks, navigation and steering controls. 

Project leaders at GBS knew he’d be a solid fit for our work on the Littoral Combat Ships – two classes of small, fast, maneuverable surface vessels designed specifically for near-shore Navy operations. 

Fast forward to today, and Ozzie is a GBS Navigation Systems and Integrated Bridge Controls Branch Manager based in San Diego. He supports Naval Surface Warfare Center Philadelphia for naval combatants – namely, both of the Littoral Combat Ships’ Freedom and Independence classes and the Zumwalt class Destroyers.  

“These are network-based ships, and the learning never stops,” Ozzie says. “I get enjoyment in solving problems with my GBS team members, and contributing towards LCS and DDG-1000 becoming successful programs.”

Working at GBS has also come with a few nice surprises, he said.

“What’s so rewarding is the flexibility that I have available at GBS to be able to do the work that I do,” he said, “along with the support that I receive from the company whenever it is needed, and the friendships that I have made working with the San Diego Team and with the Naval Surface Warfare Center Code 522.” 

In his spare time, Ozzie enjoys traveling and spending quality time with his partner Rebecca and children Ezekiel, Zariah, Arden and Amaya, along with a solid routine of Mambo dancing, physical fitness and swimming. 

Thanks for climbing aboard with GBS, Ozzie!