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Employee Highlight Jul 07, 2023

Julia Bedwell guides project control – and her career – at GBS

Need a hand at GBS? Ask Julia. Need to know how something at GBS is planned, bought, addressed, protected, marketed, sold or otherwise accounted for? Just ask Julia Bedwell. Chances are she knows, or else she knows someone who does. And she’s always ready to help. Julia is our GBS…

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Employee Highlight Mar 01, 2023

Meet Joshua Panzarella, The “Coolest Nerd You Know.”

It was an ordinary college “audiotronics” course that first got Joshua Panzarella plugged into the world of electronics. But it would ignite a passion for engineering and all things electronics that Josh brought to GBS 5 years ago, working with NAVSEA Code 515 on the Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System.

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Employee Highlight Jun 22, 2022

Can-do spirit propels GBS mechanical engineer Kurt Jarchow

The Philippine Navy ship was completely stuck on a coral reef, its 18-ton propellers and shafts badly bent. To the Philippine Navy, the ship – a former U.S. Coast Guard frigate – was more than just a ship. Its mere presence alone made it an important and valuable asset in…

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Employee Highlight Feb 04, 2022

Employee Highlight: Meet Ozzie Miranda

With Ozzie Miranda aboard, it’s full steam ahead on the Navy’s Littoral Combat Ships When you’re a growing engineering firm serving the Navy, you can’t pass up a chance to hire a top communications electronics expert who sailed thousands of nautical miles in uniform. That’s why we reached out to…

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Employee Highlight Dec 30, 2021

Putting Organization to Work

Longtime GBS Employee Beth Haywood Delights in the Details Beth Haywood will happily tell you how passionate she is about process and organization. But all you really have to do is watch her work. Whether she’s helping streamline our company’s procurement process or tracing her family’s genealogy in her spare…

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Employee Highlight Nov 04, 2021

The Amazing Power of Data

Cosmas Adesegha helps The GBS Group harness it all for long-term success Data. These days, the word flies around like confetti. Anyone who can collect it, compile it and help make sense of it can give any company a real and lasting competitive edge. That’s why The GBS Group is…

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Employee Highlight Oct 13, 2021

Employee Highlight: Meet Braden Gibson

GBS Senior Systems Engineer Braden Gibson was just a young software developer with a Computer Science degree when The GBS Group sent him off to work on Amtrak trains in D.C.  It wasn’t long before the work inspired a love for electrical and mechanical engineering, and touched off a GBS…

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Employee Highlight Aug 31, 2021

Smooth Sailing

Blake Vann leads GBS steering control system project aboard Navy’s newest amphibious transport dock ship When the U.S. Navy’s newest amphibious transport dock ship was christened in Mississippi on August 21st, you may have heard a big cheer coming out the GBS offices in Virginia Beach and Philadelphia. That’s because…

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Employee Highlight Jul 30, 2021

Employee Highlight: Meet Minu Vettihanam

GBS Rail Division’s Software Development Manager keeps the teamwork — and her kids — on track. Passionate Manager. Relationship builder. Results-driven. Awesome Leader.  Ask just about anyone at GBS about Minu Vettihanam, and the superlatives won’t stop there. So maybe it’s time you met Minu, our Software Development Manager in…

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Employee Highlight Jul 12, 2021

Employee Highlight: Meet Peter Martinez

Peter MartinezPE, VP, Rail & Transportation Division Manager Peter Martinez is The GBS Group’s longest-tenured employee. And as you might imagine, he understands our company’s unique strengths and capabilities as well as anyone. Since joining GBS in 2007 Pete has been relied upon to manage and execute people and projects…

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