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Putting Organization to Work

Longtime GBS Employee Beth Haywood Delights in the Details

Beth Haywood will happily tell you how passionate she is about process and organization. But all you really have to do is watch her work.

Whether she’s helping streamline our company’s procurement process or tracing her family’s genealogy in her spare time, being organized is a skill that keeps Beth’s life – and her career – on track.

“If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right,” she says. And who could doubt her? 

Beth has found the value in doing things right since she joined GBS as an Office Manager and Executive Assistant 12 years ago. Her penchant for process was obvious from the beginning, first helping her expand her role to HR administrative duties and later as the company’s Lead Travel Coordinator – no small task at a place like GBS. Then, a few years ago, Beth began cross-training with our Supply Chain Management Branch, an effort that led to a new full-time role at GBS, and where you’ll find Beth working her organizational magic today.

“GBS employees are always encouraged to learn about the various processes in other divisions/groups,” she says. “Having an understanding of how and why things are done gives us valuable insight into how our roles tie into those of others. Having the opportunity to hold several roles at GBS has given me the skills to better understand how each role contributes to the overall success of our company and become a better employee.”

As a GBS procurement specialist, Beth feels lucky to work for a supervisor that encourages suggestions and ideas for improvement. As you might expect, Beth has settled into her new role nicely, quickly helping to – you guessed it – reorganize and streamline the GBS supply chain process to make the department more organized, efficient … and paperless. So what’s next? Beth already has her eyes set on helping the company meet its goal of putting a solid inventory management system in place within the next two years. 

“I’ve been fortunate enough to watch the amazing accomplishments of our engineering and technical teams, the innovation of our software team, the growth of our corporate team, and the overall growth and success of our company for the past 12-plus years,” Beth says. “When you find a job and a company that you truly love, every day at work is a good one.”

Thanks for all you do to help GBS be more organized and efficient, Beth!