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The Amazing Power of Data

Cosmas Adesegha helps The GBS Group harness it all for long-term success

Data. These days, the word flies around like confetti. Anyone who can collect it, compile it and help make sense of it can give any company a real and lasting competitive edge.

That’s why The GBS Group is so happy to have Cosmas Adesegha on the team.

Everyday, the dedicated and hard-working IT Business/Data Analyst helps us use data to spot emerging trends, understand the needs of our clients and end users, analyze our processes and systems, and generate fast, accurate reports that inform our business decisions and strategies and meet our team’s objectives.

Powerful stuff, indeed. 

Data is a valuable asset that can aid business decisions and have a tremendous impact on its long-term success

It was about six years into his career when the power of data to impact a company’s success really hit Cosmas. Ever since, he’s been committed to developing new skills and systems to make data work even better for our company.

“I got to understand how critical business decisions could impact the overall bottom line of an organization,” he recalled recently, “so I decided to start building skills in business intelligence technological tools and helping organizations gain insight into their data.”

He hasn’t stopped since, recently completing his Masters in Business Administration from the University of South Wales in the United Kingdom. Born and raised in Ondo State, Nigeria, Cosmas previously earned his Bachelor’s degree in Technology, Computer Engineering at Nigeria’s Ladoke Akintola University of Technology.

His favorite words to live by: “The only thing to learn in this 21st century is to learn a new thing.” 

“Learning new things” seems altogether fitting for someone like Cosmas, and we couldn’t agree more.

Thanks for everything you do, Cosmas!