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Julia Bedwell guides project control – and her career – at GBS

Need a hand at GBS?

Ask Julia.

Need to know how something at GBS is planned, bought, addressed, protected, marketed, sold or otherwise accounted for? Just ask Julia Bedwell.

Chances are she knows, or else she knows someone who does. And she’s always ready to help.

Julia is our GBS Project Control Manager, and she’s been helping things run smoothly since joining us as a part-time administrative assistant 13 years ago.

As the years advanced, so did Julia’s career, growing from those early administrative tasks to purchasing, marketing, security, top-level project accounting and even inside sales for a GBS-distributed brand.

“I have had my hands in a lot of different departments,” she admits.

Today, she pulls her immense GBS knowledge together as Project Control Manager, bridging the corporate accounting and project sides of the business while supporting her direct team … and anyone else she can help.

“Whether there are questions with our accounting system, working through unusual scenarios or bigger projects, providing guidance on company policy, or stepping in when we need an extra set of hands, I really just try to be available to help make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible,” she said. “I have loved working with the Project Controls team over the past few years!”

Julia says that being known as someone who is always willing and able to help has been her greatest accomplishment at GBS, but she won’t stop there.

She hopes to contribute on an even larger scale in the future, helping to bridge the processes of various corporate departments, improve and refine company policies and find new efficiencies. Not to mention, she always helps to nurture our fun and welcoming company culture.

Most of all, Julia is grateful for the incredible people she’s had the opportunity to watch, learn from and work with at GBS over the years.

“The opportunities with regard to my career at GBS have been absolutely amazing,” she says, “although working with such a wonderful group of people –past and present – has been the biggest reward of all.”