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Meet Joshua Panzarella, The “Coolest Nerd You Know.”

It was an ordinary college “audiotronics” course that first got Joshua Panzarella plugged into the world of electronics.

But it would ignite a passion for engineering and all things electronics that Josh brought to GBS 5 years ago, working with NAVSEA Code 515 on the Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System.

Today, the Hazleton PA native and Pennsylvania College of Technology graduate is a Machinery Controls Engineer for the GBS Engineering Control System group, proudly working with the Navy’s most advanced Destroyer, the Zumwalt Class DDG 1000, 1001, and 1002.

The GBS Group's Joshua Panzarella
Joshua Panzarella working on and testing electronics

“Knowing that I am making such a large impact on one of our finest, albeit costly-but-necessary experiments, gives me pride in my work,” he says.

Josh also takes great pride in being a Los Angeles Rams fan, as difficult as that may be living a stone’s throw from the home of the Philadelphia Eagles.

“Working in Philadelphia only minutes from Lincoln Financial Field and being a Los Angeles Rams fan is much harder than it seems,” he says.

We feel you, Josh. 

It’s a good thing he finds his work at GBS so rewarding, making it his personal mission to contribute in a significant way to upgrading the weapons systems on the Zumwalt class. 

“At GBS, I’m contributing to helping those who will defend the nation in a direct way,” he says. “This will move the Navy closer to achieving the mission of the class.” 

In his spare time, Josh enjoys writing and performing songs, music recording and production, modular synthesizers, electronics and audio gear, and being the coolest “nerd” you know.

In a company of engineers, that’s really saying something, Josh. We’re so proud to have you aboard.