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GBS contracted in Singapore with Military Sealift Command/Crowley and ST Engineering

GBS conducts additional work and support among naval vessels through contracts with MSC and ST Engineering, from oversight and inspections to repairs and maintenance.

The GBS Group was awarded multiple contracts from Military Sealift Command (MSC)/Crowley and ST Engineering for several work items in shipyards located in Singapore. In January/February 2021 GBS provided Mechanical Engineering Technical Oversight for the cleaning, bearing inspections, alignment, and testing of the Main Propulsion Motors for two ships: USNS ABLE (T-AGOS 20) and USNS EFFECTIVE (T-AGOS 21).

The GBS Group was also awarded multiple contracts from the VSE Corporation which is the prime contractor for the U.S. Navy Foreign Military Sales effort. The GBS Group was awarded three separate contracts in February-April 2021 to support work in the Philippines and Vietnam.  The first was for the support of follow-on repairs after a grounding of the BRP GREGORIO DEL PILAR (FF-15) for the Philippine Navy and included Mechanical Engineering Technical Oversight  for the reinstallation of both port and starboard tail shafts, CPP hubs, CPP blades and final shafting alignment checks.  The second was for the Vietnamese Navy to survey, assess, and report the material and operating condition of the main propulsion and emergency generator gas turbines and associated ancillary equipment aboard the CSB-8020 vessel.  The assessment includes troubleshooting to determine the cause and corrective action to remedy any observed equipment failure or inability to operate within the OEM design and performance characteristics and parameters.  The third contract was for the Philippine Navy ANDRE BONIFACIO (PS-17) to provide Mechanical Technical oversight support for the port and starboard propulsion waterborne shafts and bearings replacement.

GBS continues to excel in the design, build, installation, test, troubleshooting and maintenance of machinery control, automation, navigation & steering control, and related systems for the U.S. Navy, Military Sealift Command, U.S. Coast Guard, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and multiple commercial operating fleets.  We are leveraging our engineering experience across these customers and have become very unique. Few companies in our industry are capable of developing full-scale, fixed price ship control system designs from end-to-end as well as providing vital engineering support to ISEA and fleet engineering agencies. We continue to utilize our highly skilled workforce and company resources on all tasking to meet the needs of every fleet we serve.