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GBS Group News Mar 26, 2015

Case Study – The GBS Group Provides Valuable Insight Into Damaged Propulsion Motor Repair Saving Time and Added Expense

Military Sealift Command and Maersk Line Limited have Predictive Maintenance programs in place to perform electrical testing of large DC propulsion motors. During the testing it was reported the armature and stator had problems and needed to be replaced. The report stated armature banding and Armature…

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GBS Group News Mar 17, 2015

Real-time Train Information Enhancements Delivered

The GBS Group’s software development team, code-named Ninja Team, recently delivered a key enhancement to the TSI Plus real-time Train Status Information platform developed for VIA Rail Canada. The Alerting feature utilizes the TSI Plus platform, so that VIA Rail can deliver more advanced products and services to its customers,…

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GBS Group News Jan 20, 2015

Systems Integration/Concept Design: MSC Watson Class Waste Management Study

Military Sealift Command (MSC) required an assessment and recommendations to address the following issues: Oily Waste, Solid Waste equipment, systems and procedures inefficient Systems require operator intervention Necessitates use of expensive disposal services The goal of this study was to recommend several sustainable waste management design options that…

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